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Live Blood Analysis Courses

Passionate about health and wellness?                

Become a certified Live Blood Analyst and start a rewarding career

…or add it as a complementary tool in your Wellness Center or Holistic practice. This is a great tool to assess your client’s nutritional needs as well as any underlying weakness or condition that might be compromising their well-being. It has been developed by German Doctors and scientists in the early 20th century who were holistically oriented in their approach to health.

It is fairly easy to learn in its basic approach and doesn’t take years of experience or practice before you can utilize it.  I recommend my students to start as soon as they have completed the basic certification course. Apart from the course itself the only small investment they need is a Darkfield Microscope designed to do Live Blood Analysis.

I am now offering  high quality microscopes at a very good price specially designed for Live Blood Analysis.

I also offer used microscope from time to time. Check this link for MICROSCOPES for SALE:


I believe every health food store, holistic or nutritional clinic  should have a Live Blood Analyst on site to help clients understand in a more personal and deeper way their actual nutritional needs. It also helps bring greater awareness to the body’s physiological functions, underlying weaknesses and problems.

While medical blood tests are sometimes helpful and necessary, they often do not show the whole picture.  They are only measuring the chemistry of your blood.  As long as your numbers are within a certain norm you will not be given the attention and information needed. Live Blood shows you the “living quality of your blood”; it’s actual energy and flow. A direct and personal insight on the state of your health.

A one hour consultation can help your client enormously in targeting specific weaknesses or imbalances and knowing which natural product or therapy is the most appropriate for their specific needs.

There are 3 levels for the Live Blood Analysis Course:

Level  I – Introductory course certification– Live Blood Analysis course – Basic certification on location, 2-3 days workshop that give you the basic  skills and knowledge to start practicing and doing basic consultations.

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Level I:  The  Introductory course focus on:

  •    Basic Hematology
  •     The many underlying causes of diseases.
  •    The science, biology , philosophy and ethics of
  •    Live and Dry Blood Analysis .
  •    The notion of pleomorphism, biological terrain & pH
  •    Live Blood morphology
  •    Dry Blood morphology
  •    How to use the Ultra Dark field Microscope
  •    The procedure needed to take a blood sample
  •    How to conduct a nutritional evaluation
  •    Filling a blood report
  •    Giving recommendations

Upcoming course:      Nov. 18-19-20, 2017    January 27-28-29, 2018

Course fee: $950 + $50  (course material) + 5%GST.

In order to register for the course we require a part payment registration fee of $475+ 23.75(5%GST)= $498.75. Can be paid through money email transfer, Paypal or credit card.  Rest of the fee can be paid at course time. No GST with cash payment.

For more details about registration and payment please contact John at 604-531-3480 or email at livebloodcourse@gmail.com

After the registration you will receive an invoice confirming your registration.

You will also receive an PRE-REQUISITE online course called: “THE BRILLIANT BODY”; a very well done basic anatomy and physiology course to view and study before the course.

For those who might need more basic studies there is also another Free basic anatomy and physiology course. The link will be sent online as well.

Level II – Intermediate course certification- A one day one on one more advanced course where the basic practitioner can advance his skills by asking questions about practical cases and go with deeper explanation. Also going over the more advanced manual that is included in the courses. $400 This also could be done online.

The Advanced Manual for Level 2 – Nutritional Microscopy certification is now available for students who have completed Level 1 .

The cost for the Advanced Nutritional Microscopy Manual is $200 + tx & shipping.

Level III – Advanced course Certification :  Blood Energetics: This  is course unique to  Qwest 4 Health Academy  from the research by Dr.Diane Blackburn  in her thesis: The Quantum Nature of the Blood. A unique and more advanced course that take in consideration the deepest connection within the body-mind-spirit that includes the mental and emotional aspects. This whole course now is offered as a  6 DVDs package or available online  Click here for more information.

Cost for the Level 3 course: Blood Energetics    $299. plus Tx % Shipping. No shipping fee if sent online.

John Blackburn has more than 13 years experience in Nutritional Microscopy and is a leader in his field.  His credentials include a Bc in Science and Biology, a Masters in Natural Medicine and of course extensive study and certification in Live Blood Analysis.  He has taught a variety of people including Naturopathic Doctors, Homeopathic Doctors, nutritionists, health professionals and a variety of people who have an interest in Natural Health and Medicine.  There is no prerequisite certification to take the course except maybe a great desire to learn and an open mind.  A background in holistic health, integrative medicine or any other natural health modalities is a great asset.