Qwest 4 Health - Live Blood Course | Live Blood Analysis: Blood Energetics: the hidden messages in the blood
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Live Blood Analysis: Blood Energetics: the hidden messages in the blood

  Live Blood Analysis: Blood Energetics: the hidden messages in the blood.

A must for live blood analysts and the practitioners of holistic and integrative medicine.

Chapter 1: Quantum Embryology                              The Journey of the soul in matter
Chapter 2 Quantum Hematology                               A new look at the blood: Our peculiar fluid
Chapter 3 The Endobiont                                           A theory on the origin of the endobiont
Chapter 4: Synaptic and Non- synaptic Pathways  The vital role of the CSF   (cerebrospinal fluid)
Chapter 5:The Quantum Way                                     How quantum mechanics applies to movement of 
                                                                                     consciousness in the blood
Chapter 6: Blood Archetypes                                    The crucible of the soul                  
In a nutshell: The data that we collect from the blood pictures originates from the physical, vital-emotional, mental layers of information. The blood mirrors all of these aspects of the physical and subtle levels of expression.
Some parameters from different layers of information will reveal the condition of the body and give indirect measurements of what is going on at a more hidden levels.
The course consist of a package of 6 DVDs to be mailed to you  for $299 (plus 12%gst + shipping and handling)
It can also be sent online on a special server: $275 (plus 5% gst) .
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  • The blood shows the relation of the individual with his consciousness.
  • It shows the health or diseased state of a person according to what the unconscious is pushing to the surface.
  • The blood, just like life itself, is in constant motion.
  • The dynamic forces are always moving and these forces must be organized.
  • These forces answer to the law of harmony and coherance if we are to remain healthy.

The Mind and the Blood

Very often I observe in the blood of a client a heavy bacterial load comprised of chondril, ascit and synascit.

The presence of these higher forms of bacteria is very ominous and suggests in the conventional approach a progression towards degeneration.

The problem is that sometime those forms are present in the blood of people who are quasireligious about their diet.

Obviously I had to explore the possibility that the problem might originate a the mental level.


More on Rouleau

  • Worry indicates extreme or prolonged attachment to a problem.
  • The person is involved in beta brain way activity in the cerebral cortex.
  • The level of excessive thinking requires excessive blood flow to the brain.
  • The blood delivers large amounts of fuel (oxygen-glucose) to the brain.
  • This results in poor circulation to the extrmities.