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Iridology Courses

IHN-eye-for-course-websiteBecome an Iridologist

What is Iridology?

Why should I take the time to learn it?

Iridology is the study of the iris, or colored part, of the eye. This structure has detailed fibers and pigmentation that reflects information about our physical and psychological makeup. It identifies inherited dispositions (how our body reacts to our environment and what symptoms to expect), and future challenges (where we are likely to have more problems as we age). It also helps identify inherited emotional patterns, which can create or maintain physical symptoms, as well as identify lessons or challenges and gifts or talents available to us.

iridology-courses_2_1174287578Dr.Diane Blackburn, PhD, DNM, Certified IIPA Iridologist and Instructor, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Live Blood Analyst

Diane has been involved in the field of Integrative Medicine for 30 years. She participated in extensive international relief work in Thailand, China and Japan, where she acquired valuable insights into the universal nature of the human soul. Diane has researched Clinical Iridology methods from around the world and has incorporated Sclerology, Pupil Tonus, the Rayid Method of personality analysis, as well as her own findings on Quantum Iridology in her Iridology consultation. Diane is the co-founder of Qwest 4 Health.



Dates and Location:

Iridology course Level 1 & 2

Location: Qwest 4 Health office in South-Surrey.

DateDecember 11-12 & 13 , 2017   10am-5pm      Other dates will be available or posted soon or you can inquire directly.

REQUIRED TEXT: Iridology – “ Techniques in Iris Analysis, Textbook for Iridology: Ellen Tart-Jensen” (to be bought by the student). The paper version is difficult or expensive to buy or even find but you can buy the online version for a reasonable price.
Tuition fee: $650 + GST | including Iridology Handbook + $50 +GST for course material. Total $735.

In order to register for the course you have to send a registration fee of $325. (+GST) = Total $341.25 . Please contact Dr.Diane Blackburn at drdianeblackburn@gmail.com

Preferable form of payment are direct money email transfer. We can also take credit card or Paypal with an added 3% (10.23) for a total of $351.48. The rest of the course fee can be paid upon arrival. No tax or fee added for cash payments.

As soon as we receive your payment you will send you a invoice/voucher confirming your registration. You will also be receiving a free online basic Anatomy and Physiology course that is recommended as a prerequisite.


Earn a certification in *Comprehensive Iridology* from IIPA

The Certification Process:

Studies leading to the certification process can be achieved in one of three ways:

  • Through an IIPA Certified Instructor: Complete a Level 1 and Level 2 certification course offered by an
    IIPA Certified Instructor.
  • Through an IIPA accredited institution: Complete a comprehensive Iridology course from an IIPA accredited institution.
  • Through Self Study: Learn Iridology without formal IIPA-sanctioned instruction.

International Iridology Practitioners’ Association

The International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) is a registered, non-profit organization, founded in 1982.   It is governed by IIPA members who volunteer to make up the Board of Directors.  Their role is to disseminate materials and help set the professional standards present today in the field of iridology.  For decades, North America considered different facets of natural medicine, including iridology, to be inappropriate approaches to natural health and healing.  We at IIPA have the valiant efforts of Dr. Bernard Jensen, as well as some other iconic pioneers, to thank for saving iridology from extinction.  This organization was originally called the National Iridology Research Association (NIRA), but the name was changed in 2000 to better reflect our international reach.  In 1993, the organization attained its non-profit tax-exempt status.

 IIPA is the only International Iridology non-profit accreditation association for iridology and the study of the iris of the eye in the United States and Canada.  All schools, programs, institutions and iridology instructors listed on our website are rigorously tested and selected with the state-of-the-art education to help you.

Topic for The Tao of the Eyes

 Advances in digital photography are increasingly revealing the beauty and complexity of the iris.  The whole apparatus of the eye is truly a marvel, especially if we reflect upon the fact  that it is the only part of the brain that is visible. More than anything else the eyes  are quantum communicators receiving and transferring photon light.  Our eyes reveal our place in the cosmos and our enduring connection with consciousness.

In this course  we will explore the significance of the 12 segments and 7 zones of the iris which symbolizes  our place in Time and Space. In the light of embryology, the work of scientists such as  Stephen Hawking,  Nassim Haramein, we will look  into the mystery and symbolism of the pupil and  its spiritual dimension.  We will delve into the little known work of trailblazers  Iridologists such as Boris Le Bardo and Gilbert Jausas who have intuit early on that the eye not only receives but also emits light.
To know of our connection with the cosmos deepens our sense of purpose and reveals who we truly are.