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Learn Nutritional Microscopy - Live and Dry Blood Analysis


Consciousness and the blood

A ground breaking approach to life, consciousness and health through looking at your living blood.

Advance Live Blood

Analysis Course


Become an Iridologist

IIPA Certified Course

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Live Blood Analysis and Blood Energetix course

Live Blood Analysis involves examination of a small droplet of fresh capillary blood typically taken from the fingertip.

This is observed under an optical microscope at magnification from 600 to 1200X.

A camera mounted on the microscope records digital photographs of the blood samples. This technique provides information on the ecology of the blood, sometimes referred to as the “biological terrain”. Live Blood Analysis has been traditionally been used in clinical medicine to look for the presence of certain parasites including the malaria organism and the spiral shaped bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

It its a research took sometimes also used in holistic health assessment. The size, shape, variability, and cellular integrity of the red blood cells (RBCs) can readily be seen, as well as any stickiness and aggregation of the RBC’s. The presence and relative number of white blood cells and their subtypes are noted, along with the  motility (movement) of these cells.

The Blood plasma is checked for platelet aggregates, the formation of fibrin, the presence, the presence of microbial and parasitic forms, as well as particulates including cholesterol, crystals, and various contaminants.

BLOOD ENERGETIX: http://livebloodcourse.com/live-blood-analysis-blood-energetics/

Course dates, locations and registration

Live Blood Analysis Level 1 – Nutritional Microscopy Introductory course.


Upcoming course

Date:  2 & 1/2 day Workshop on Saturday, Sunday & Monday       March 17-18 & 19 2018.

Next course:  May 5, 6 & 7 2018.

Location:  Office  of Qwest 4 Health Academy in South-Surrey, British-Columbia in Western Canada near Vancouver.

Tuition: $950.(plus 5%GST)  plus $50 (+5%) for course manual.

Course schedule: 9.30am to 5.30pm with 1 hour lunch break.  on Saturday & Sunday. 9am-12am, Monday 9.am-12am.

Registration: In order to register for the course at any of these dates you have to send a registration fee of $475 + 5%GST (23.75) = $498.75   – Preferable method of payment is direct money e-mail transfer.  Can also pay with credit card or Paypal with an added 3% charge  (14.96) =  $513.71

As soon as payment is received you will be receiving  an Invoice-voucher confirming your registration. Rest of the payment can be done at the course time . No tax or fee added with cash payments. You will also be receiving the Pre-requisite Basic Anatomy and Physiology online course to be studied at home before coming.


Pre-requisite: Desire to learn, very open mind and heart and a simple online basic Physiology and Anatomy course to be done before the course date. Will be sent online and is free.

Level 2 – Nutritional microscopy certification is available as an Advanced Instructional Manual and is available for student who have completed Level 1 course and available at the time of the course.  The course for the manual is $200 plus tx & shipping. Also available at time of the course.


Level 3 – Blood Energetix

The Quantum Nature of the Blood.


Date: One and half day course on March 20-21 , 2018   Available for students taking the Level 1 course on January 27-28-29 and any other Live Blood Analyst  wishing to extend their understanding and knowledge . For more details for the schedule go to the live blood course  blood energetix link.

Location: At our office here in South-Surrey.

Instructor: Dr. Diane Blackburn, DNM, PhD, certified LBA instructor.

Cost:  $199 plus 5% GST Tx (9.95) = $208.95 This will include  a series of may hours of lecture by Dr.Diane Blackburn that will be sent directly online after the course is completed.

Integrative Iridology

Date: to be announced. For registration contact Dr.Diane Blackburn at 604-531-3480 or email at drdianeblackburn@gmail.com

Location: Office of Qwest 4 Health Academy in South-Surrey, BC

Tuition: $650 (+5%GST) + $50 (+5%GST) course material = Total  $735. 

Student must acquire Recommended textbook.: Techniques in Iris Analysis– Ellen-Tart Jense. Look up the internet for purchasing this book. Can buy the online edition for cheaper price.

IIPA Certification available. Dr.Diane Blackburn offers private mentorship for the student desirous of obtaining the IIPA certification. Mentorship certification fee and schedule to be agreed with Dr. Diane Blackburn.